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Nick Bentley

Director Management Consulting

Nick Bentley is a strategic management consultant with over 30 years’ experience. He is the principal of Wellington based strategic consultancy and agile software development company, BSML, which he formed in 1996. Prior to that, for 15 years, he had senior roles with international management consultancies AT Kearney, EDS MCS and Ernst & Young in New Zealand, and KPMG and Ernst & Whinney in the UK. He is an expert facilitator, certified programme and project manager and long-term agile software development practitioner.

Nick specialises in facilitating breakthrough results in organisational performance, health and value delivered. He holistically leverages vision, strategy, people and systems to implement successful change. His clients range from household name companies to government and entrepreneurial businesses. His skills include strategic and operational planning, operational transparency, process re-engineering, project, programme and financial management, culture and mindset transformation, plus the rapid design and build of bespoke web systems to enable, measure and embed strategic change.

Graeme Robertson

Director Software Services

Graeme Robertson is a technical IT consultant, full stack Microsoft software developer, project manager, team leader and database and data warehouse designer. He has over 3 decades’ experience in IT and has recently re-joined Wellington based strategic consultancy and agile software development company, BSML, which he first worked for in 2001 and then on various projects up until 2015. Graeme has also had senior roles with Datatorque Wellington, a company he originally co-founded in 1995. Prior to that he had full-time positions with Alphamedia/TVMG in Hamilton, Westpac Trust, Ernst & Young and Bank of New Zealand in Wellington and N M Rothschild Asset Management in London.

Graeme has a very broad and diverse software development background, ranging from extreme and SCRUM, through waterfall to customising commercial off-the-shelf software. The systems he has worked on range from very large Australian banking systems to multi-million dollar international tax system implementations, to business intelligence/transparency/performance systems across NZ government, to large and small bespoke commercial applications.


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