to our clients’ most pressing strategic, operational and technological challenges

Management Consulting and Software Development in Wellington

Established in 1996

BSML is the fusion of two very different people and two very different skill sets. This fusion was born at Ernst & Young Wellington in 1992 and has endured to this day. It is a fusion of strategic management consulting and software development skills, which have safely delivered a broad array of successful projects in many different industries, cities and organisations.


We have a 24 year track record of facilitating breakthrough results for our clients leveraging vision, strategy, people and systems. We work collaboratively to solve their most pressing strategic, operational and technological challenges. Ultimately, we help our clients do more, better, faster, cheaper and different. We find the simplicity on the other side of complexity, so that improvement and change is simple and straightforward.


Our services combine strategy and web software. Strategy sets the direction and priority for change; web software enables and embeds that change. We have very safe hands, having spent over 25 years working for international consultancies. Our experience on both sides of the world, means clients can rely on us. We operate fast and transparently, and have used agile methodologies since 1992. We do what we say, for the price we say, and always act in the best interests of our clients.

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Client Perspectives

“BSML provides the quality, experience and professionalism of a big consultancy… at a fraction of the cost… and usually for a fixed fee, which limits our risk.”

“Strategically, BSML works with us on our vision, goals and priority initiatives. They holistically help us make the business healthier and more competitive, whilst leveraging our people and key relationships.”

“In terms of software development, BSML uses collaborative design, extreme programming and Microsoft technologies… bundled together, these maximise staff buy-in, organisational fit, cost effectiveness and speed to results.”

“They have facilitated our strategic planning for the last 22 years, and always bring something fresh to challenge our thinking. We particularly love BSML’s Inspiring Business series from “in Search of Excellence” to “How the Mighty Fall.”

“Ultimately, it’s the quality and experience of the people that determines project success. They can be trusted to deliver, as is evidenced by their client list.”

Client Perspectives

“They quickly made our $800m/150 office business transparent, which enabled us to improve performance consistently from the grass roots up… providing an object lesson in the Theory of Constraints and power of collaborative benchmarking.”

“The custom system BSML built cost us only $200,000, but it increased our profitability by $500,000 in the first year and $800,000 p.a. after that. Not a bad RO!!”

“They made our 750 business units transparent and facilitated changes to structure, processes, service levels, budgets and pricing, all with high positive impact.”

“In a matter of months, they moved us from cobbled databases and spreadsheets to a slick intranet/extranet, saving us rafts of management and staff time, which we quickly put to more productive use.”

“They built us an award-winning website, that positioned the Ministry as a global leader. It enabled us to transform how we worked with stakeholders… into a collaborative planning model and share a very broad range of data, information and documents across the sector.”

“From scratch, they built us an enterprise planning solution in 4 months for $300,000 that a $1m “out of the box” system couldn’t match.


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