Nick Bentley, strategy, performance and organisational health

Graeme Roberston, strategic systems and web infrastructures

Shelley Major, people, organisation, health & safety

Jim Lynch, strategic review, training and performance systems

Pat Cortese, sales and marketing

Mark Wilson, web design and usability

People we like working with


Peter Sim, Wellington – financial management

Cargill Mackenzie, Wellington – communications and people

Terry Stewart, Wellington – electricity

Nick Wyatt, Wellington – policy and transmission

Ken Robson, Wellington – project management


Tony Sellars, Wellington – people sourcing

Paddy Payne, Intergen, Wellington - Microsoft solutions

Brent Clark, Topaz Consulting, Wellington - financials and ERP

Mary Tate, Wellington - IT strategy, training and best practices

Brent Fry, Wellington – document and records management

Shane Middlemiss, Tauranga – e-government standards


   Last updated 22/04/2015