Strategic and Operational Decision Support

Few organisations have truly integrated systems that enable decision making at a strategic and operational level. 

This is because most organisations' systems are transactionally, operationally or financially focused and lack oversight, integration and insight. The other part of of the problem is that most business intelligence and data warehousing projects lack strategic insight, are too big, too technically focused and try to deliver all things to all people. They are doomed from the start.

For the last 20 years we have worked with very large organisations and some smaller ones to provide what we call "enterprise insight" - transparency around how the organisation works and the levers and drivers of better performance.   Our clients for such systems have included WINZ, MidCentral Health, Public Trust, NZ Defence Force, Tower, Budget Rent-a car, Wills NZ, Ministry of Fisheries and many others.  We can honestly say, we have never had a failed project in this space.

These systems have enabled decision making across all dimensions of our clients' businesses' and often across their wider supply chain also.  Standard views often include :
  • Functions
  • Inputs, processes, outputs to outcomes
  • Product and service lines
  • Delivery channels
  • Geography
  • Customer segments
  • Time (past, present and future scenarios)
  • Assets and resources
  • Financial and non-financial performance indicators.
All our systems are unique, custom-built and crafted.  Most were accessible via the organisation's intranet and drove significant leaps in performance.  Many had full integration with the organisation's core systems and were co-designed with operational teams.  All were constructed using the same principles and methodology, by a small, but highly talented client/consulting team.

If you are frustrated by the quality of your organisation's strategic and operational information and want true enterprise insight, please contact us.

   Last updated 6/05/2014