Programme and Project Tracking


Bad projects can be disastrous.  That is why smart organisations have early warning systems to nip them in the bud 

Top executives focus on clear objectives, accountability and transparency of progress when approving projects. They don't want to know the detail of individual projects, they just want early warning of problems and to know when things are diverging from plan.  In short, they want an on-line reporting tool, which summarises the project at a high level and has the ability to drill down to the key issues. 

Staff working on projects, generally want to be trusted to deliver and want reporting to be light and exception based.

BSML Project Tracker delivers this balance and provides :
  1. Light-handed programme and project reporting across an organisation's full portfolio of initiatives
  2. Major milestone, issue, event, risk and opportunity analysis
  3. On-line progress reports with indicators of status and help needed
  4. High level overview of project objectives, accountabilities, timelines, resources and client deliverables
  5. Links to key documents, MS Project and detail to keep the system lean.
The system provides 24/7 transparency on where projects and programmes are up to.  Optional additional features include integration with financials, collaboration sites and internet/intranet.

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   Last updated 14/02/2010