Work Tracking


Many organisations have a need to track all types of work - not just projects - in order to improve productivity

As part of continuous improvement, commercial organisations may require information on recurring client work, sales and marketing, IT or administrative activities.  Government agencies may want to monitor client services, policy programmes, Ministerials or Official Information requests, or find ways to reduce overheads.

Few organisations have web-based systems, which provide this information 24/7 and are also incredibly easy to use or tailor.

BSML Work Manager meets this need and has the following features :
  1. Consolidated work type reporting, by business unit, client and staff responsible
  2. Objectives, accountabilities, status and document links
  3. One page time, expense recording
  4. Milestone, opportunity, issue, risk and event tracking
  5. Simple system security and administration functions 
Optional additional functions include client billing, financials integration, purchase ordering and commitment tracking.

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   Last updated 1/12/2009