On-line legislation


One of the New Zealand Government's major challenges is to reduce regulatory red-tape

This is easier said than done. 

The law is very complex, scattered across many documents and constantly being updated.  Considerable work has been done in recent years by the Parliamentary Counsel Office (PCO) to make NZ legislation available on-line in a consistent, reliable and up-to-date manner.

BSML's customisable on-line legislation knowledgebase allows :
  • government agencies the ability to store, categorise, consolidate, review and amend the law in a sytematic way
  • legal firms to consolidate knowledge on their specialties by joining client advice and associated documents and imterpretations with the latest provisions of the law  
  • other organisations and the public to comment on sections of the law and be involved in improving it. 

The software is fully web-based and includes :
  1. Automatic upload facility from the PCO website
  2. Storage of documents by type of legislation
  3. Categorisation by topic, segment, date, area, jurisdiction and user defined groupings
  4. Re-grouping of provisions on one page and by category (irrespective of document source)
  5. Ability to add comments on provisions, create document links and identify candidates for change
  6. Reporting, powerful search and the ability to link to other legal systems eg Lexus Nexus.
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   Last updated 23/10/2013