Today's top organisations run their business through state of the art websites

Facebook, Google, TradeMe, Twitter are global leaders, delivering daily services to billions of people around the world.  Their competitive advantage is their vision, innovation and custom built website. 

Built in the latest Microsoft .Net technology, BSML's web infrastructure can deliver your vision :

1. A one stop shop from which to run your organisation
2. Tailored transactional data entry
3. Client my spaces, forums and personalised content
4. State of the art process, governance and outcome reporting
5. Seamlessly integrated documents, data, images, maps, content and collaboration
6. Simple site administration with comprehensive security
8. Full activity statistics and history
The site you are viewing uses this infrastructure in its simplest form.

To see a complex site (with 7000 pages) in action, go to

To find out more about the incredible range of this technology, please contact us at

   Last updated 26/08/2010